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What is Sea Freight (KG)?

Ever wondered how you can ship small parcels at a fraction of cost offered by international shipping companies? Most shipping companies don’t accept small parcels/personal packages as it is often hard to keep track of them. However, here at EZ we accept small and personal packages to make international shipping EZ for you!

Sea freight via kg is purely weight-based sea shipping method (via kilogram) that we offer specifically for business owners who want to ship Chinese suppliers sample items and clients who love shopping from Chinese platforms like Taobao, JD, Pinduoduo etc. so that they can shop without worrying about the pricey China to Philippines international shipping fee.

Is It Suitable for Me?

1. Perfect for shipping supplier samples
Securing samples from your supplier is extremely important especially if your product requires customization. Shipping via kg is the most cost effective way to ship light-weight samples like jewelries, clothes, hats, cosmetics etc. This is perfect for business owners who would like to private label a product, testing out a relatively new product, lesser risk and lesser commitment with maximum result!

2. Shipping personal packages
Been eyeing on that home decor item in Taobao? A certified shopaholic? You found hard-to-find items that you would love to ship to Philippines? But upon checking out you realized how hefty the international shipping fee is? We offer via KG sea freight to satisfy your needs. 

From Taobao to Philippines! EZ Sourcing Group got you covered! Ship with us!


How Does It Work?

01Deliver goods to China warehouse
02China warehouse receive goods
04Manila warehouse received
05Goods ready for pickup/delivery

Sea freight (KG)

Purely weight-based sea shipping method. Perfect for shipping personal packages and supplier samples.

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