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Sea Freight (LCL/FCL)

Yes, our shipping rates are already ALL-IN rate, customs fees and taxes are already included. No hidden charges. Take note, that quoted shipping rates are from China warehouse to Manila warehouse only, clients may opt to pick it up at our Manila warehouse or it can also be delivered through third party couriers at client’s expense. 

Typical transit time for sea freight is 18 to 25 days from our China warehouse to our Manila warehouse.

No, there’s no minimum CBM required. We offer flexible sea freight and air freight rates, depending on your needs you may choose from: 

1. Sea freight (LCL/FCL)
This is more suitable for businesses who buy in bulk. 

2. Sea freight via KG
Perfect for lightweight and low CBM goods. This shipping method is best for samples from suppliers, other lightweight goods include: jewelries, scarfs, hats, and many more!

3. Air freight via KG
Best for high-urgency cargos, air freight shipments offer reliability since airports operate on a strict timetable.

No, all our shipping rates are inclusive of taxes and duties already. No need to pay taxes and duties separately, we give you an all in shipping rates. For a more hassle-free shipping experience.

Kindly register your account, log in and go to “rates” tab. You can use our shipping calculator there by filling out the necessary information.

1st: Register an account here.

2nd: Use our shipping calculator inside the “Rates” tabs to calculate your shipping costs. Kindly note that shipping rates may change without prior notice. To know if we've updated our shipping rates, kindly send a message to our Facebook Page messenger here.

3rd: Let your China suppliers ship your packages to our China warehouse (You may choose among the 3 warehouses - Shishi, Yiwu, Guangzhou). For warehouse locations, you may view it under “Warehouse” tab here.

 4th: Relax and track your shipment right at the comfort of your home! Get the lastest detailed shipment status of your packages by logging in to your EZ Sourcing account.

 5th: Our customer service representative will contact you once your packages are available for pickup. Payments should be sent to EZ Global Sourcing account before releasing your packages. You may upload the payment slip on your membership dashboard.

You can track your packages in two ways. 

First, without logging into your EZ account. Check your shipment's status on our tracking page. 

Second, by logging into your EZ account. You will see a more detailed information of your packages like CBM inccured, weight, etc., when you’re logged in.

1. Ammunition
2. Bank bills, notes or currency
3. Corpses, cremated or disinterred remains
4. Hazardous waste
5. Ivory
6. Dangerous goods
7. Firearms and weapons
8. Live animals
To further check if your goods can be imported, kindly contact us here.

We always use EXW. Let your China suppliers ship the goods to our China warehouses, and we will take care of the rest.

To ensure that your package will not be lost, kindly always include your own unique shipping code at the back of our China address so we can still recognize it easily.
For example:
Address: 福建省石狮市 (EZSS + Shipping code)

Yes, we also deliver to Vismin areas. Kindly reach us here. Our customer service will assist you and let you know your estimated shipping rate to your delivery address in Visayas/Mindanao.

Sea Freight (KG)

Yes, we do have minimum 5KG for all our Sea KG shipments.

Sea kg starts at 180 pesos/kg. 

So for 5kg, computation would be as follows:

180 pesos x 5kg = 900 pesos

We will inform you via Viber, Whatsapp, Instagram, or Facebook. Because tracking system for via kg is still under development.

Shop your favorite Chinese stores like Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo. Then combine your packages from different shops and save on shipping with our consolidation service for Sea freight via KG. Saves you up to 70% on shipping by combining your packages from different stores into one shipment. 

Air Freight

Upon receipt of goods in China warehouse, after 5 to 6 days, goods will be available for pickup in Manila warehouse.

Either via dimensional weight (LxWxH) or purely weight based computation (KG). If goods are larger in dimensional weight we charge it in dimensional weight. If goods are larger in weight based computation then we charge via it’s weight. We always get whichever is higher.

No minimum KG, when goods are below 1 KG, it will automatically be calculated as 1KG.

RMB Payment Assistance

First, give us the following info: 

        1. Supplier's RMB Receiving Channel: China bank, Alipay, Wechat (Choose from these 3)

        2. Total RMB amount supplier need to receive

Second, after giving us these info. We will send you our exchange rate for that specific day, we will also include how fast we can send the RMB.

Third, once first and second are settled. Send PHP to our business account so we can process your RMB. 

Fourth, after RMB is processed we will send you a bank slip and kindly confirm if supplier have received the RMB.

For more info about our RMB Payment Assistance service, kindly click here.

No transaction fees involved, just exchange rates for that specific day.

Depends on a lot of factors. Depends on how many clients are buying from us that specific day. Promptness also depends on the availability of RMB for that specific day.

Benefits of paying your China suppliers in RMB!
1. No service charges,bank fees, just exchange rates
2. China supplier more willing to give discounts when you pay them in their local currency
3. Everything can be done online, no need to go to the bank to facilitate the payment

Ask for supplier’s China Bank details, Alipay QR or Wechat QR. We can send RMB via these 3 methods: China Bank, Alipay, and Wechat.

We will send you bank screenshot slip once payments have been sent. Then you may send the screenshot to your supplier and confirm with them if they have received the RMB.

Yes, we can!

Here are the steps for our Pabili Service:

1.) Send us the Taobao link you would like us to purchase on your behalf

2.) Let us know the quantity, features of the product you would like to purchase

3.) Send us the PHP equivalent of the product (rate changes every day, message us for the exact rate)

4.) We send you the Taobao order ID once successfully ordered


Order on Chinese websites as easy as 1-4!

Product Sourcing

1. Client send us Excel file of goods they want us to source. Kindly click this link to download file.
2. Kindly send the filled out Excel file to our email
3. Wait for our email with supplier’s quotations for 1 to 2 working days.
4. Client and EZ Sourcing settle on the price, payment terms

Yes, there is.Sourcing fee starts at 3%. For more complex projects, sourcing fee may range from 5% to 6% of the total purchase amount.

  1. Save time and take advantage of our vast supplier network in China, no need to search through pools of suppliers!

  2. We meet your budget. Get the best deals possible.

  3. Don't want the hassle of using Google translate to communicate with your China suppliers? EZ has in house Chinese speaking agent! No more communication barrier.

  4. Achieve peace of mind knowing that you're dealing with vetted supplier!

Account Setup

Yes, kindly register your account with us to get your own unique customer code/shipping code. With an account with us, you can use our EZ Members Portal to benefit from a full range of services and start shipping.

Sorry to hear this, kindly refresh your page and register again after 5 minutes.


This depends on your package/s dimensions, actual weight, value of the item, and item you are shipping. If you are unsure which shipping method is best for you. Please contact us here. For more info, you may also view our list of services here.

For estimate shipping quote, kindly provide us with the following details so we can send you a more accurate quote:

1. Item you are shipping

2. Mode of shipping (Sea or Air)

3. Packaging dimensions of the item (CM)

4. Actual weight of packages

Kindly send these information to our Facebook Page here. Our customer service team will attend to your inquiries ASAP.


We accept Cash and online bank transfers to Unionbank, Metrobank, BDO, BPI, Security Bank, Gcash & Paymaya. 

Still have questions? Can’t find answers in our FAQ sections? Kindly contact us

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