What are the Top Products Imported from China?

  • Date Published: August 22, 2022
  • Date Updated: August 22, 2022



China is not only the world’s second largest economy but also the largest exporter by value, and has been the largest exporter of goods in the world since 2009. Strong foreign demands for China products will continue even more for the years to come. China’s rise to economic power simply can’t be ignored. Its import and export value in 1995 accounted for 3% or $280.9 billion of global trade and has since skyrocketed to $4.6 trillion or 12.4 percent of global trade in 2018. 


Now, let’s look at the Top 3 Imported Products from China in 2021.


  1. Electrical, electronic equipment

Value: $898.96B

Electrical machinery and its equipment including sound recorders & reproducers, television etc. 


The top three countries to which China exported industrial, electrical, and electronic products were the European Union (EU), The United States, and Hong Kong.


Many Western countries are becoming increasingly concerned that China is becoming an economic superpower that they are competitive not just in manufacturing low-skilled products but also in high-tech industries as a result of its expanding export of electronics products.


  1. Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers 

Value: $547.59B


Some of the items that belong to this category include air conditioners, bulldozers, scrapers, home appliances, machines for food processing, machines for metal, and other mechanical machineries. 


Top home appliances companies in China like Gree Electric Appliances and Midea Group Co. Ltd. get a good amount of revenue from its global sales, for instance, Gree obtains 15% of its total revenue from overseas sales (2017), while for Midea overseas sales account for more than 40% of its total revenue, almost half of its revenue comes from global channels (2021).


It’s becoming more obvious now than ever before, that Chinese companies are now moving from low-end goods to middle-range goods, manufacturing companies in China are moving up the value chain through hefty investments in technology, they are forced to do so because of the U.S Trade War. 



  1. Furniture, lighting signs, prefabricated buildings

Value: $139.48B


The top three countries to which China's exported prefabricated buildings were Indonesia, Nigeria and The United States. 


Prefabricated buildings are assembled on-site, ready made pieces that house builders can assemble, it’s way more efficient than traditional way of building. One of the China reports said a 57-story prefab structure in Changsha, Hunan province, was put together in just 19 days. So fast!


Furthermore, for China’s furniture exports they are showing continuous growth. Believe it or not in the West, China is the most popular choice to source furniture. Even furniture designers check the Chinese market for the quality yet affordable pieces. Because of China’s excellent quality, the West even imports from China the cloth that would be used on their furniture pieces.



In conclusion, China has emerged as a production hub for various things from everyday items like plastic wares to more sophisticated goods like prefabricated buildings. Thus, importing goods from China is a good business decision when you want to score for quality yet affordable products. Start making a fortune selling goods from China here in the Philippines. By partnering with us, we can make it happen! Let us take care of your shipments from China to the Philippines so you can focus on your business. Start importing now! Contact us here.


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