Taobao Shipping to Philippines Explained

  • Date Published: November 23, 2021
  • Date Updated: November 24, 2021
Taobao: Step By Step Registration Process Explained (Taobao Philippines Shipping)


Taobao Shipping to Philippines Explained

Taobao, 淘宝, means “seeking treasure” when translated. True enough, there are lots of hard to find items on the platform. From niche brands, to trendy and unique small appliances, to minimalist home decor items and many more! It is literally “your everything store”! Search what you want to buy and you’ll be surprised that Taobao has it!
One of the reasons why some Philippine sellers prefer to buy from Taobao instead of Alibaba is due to Taobao’s unique offers, plenty of the items in Taobao can’t be found in Alibaba. Since some of these are customized, or produced in low quantities unlike Alibaba where majority of the goods are mass produced.



You may also check this video out for more information on Alibaba to Philippines Shipping.

1. How to register a Taobao Account

A. Download the app in your app store.

B. Head to “My Taobao Account” button to register your Taobao account.


Then click the orange button that says “立即注册” or Register now.


Taobao supports different countries’ phone numbers. Click “F” then choose “菲律宾”/Philippines, to proceed to filling out your Philippine phone number.



After filling out your Philippine phone number, an OTP would be sent to your registered number.



Enter the correct OTP, voila, you can now use your Taobao to shop either for personal use or for your business needs. Score good deals with Taobao!

Discover unique finds, things you won’t be able to see in our local market place! Start your shopping journey!

2. Buying from Taobao

Just like how we browse over different categories in our accustomed ecommerce apps like Shopee and Lazada. Taobao also offers numerous categories and it’s honestly more comprehensive than what is being offered in Shopee and Lazada.


To browse for categories click the “3 lined button” then you will be navigated to all the categories Taobao has to offer.

So here are the main categories of Taobao, if you are not sure what to buy yet, you may browse through each one of them to have a more concrete idea of what you want to buy. It has home items, imported goods, fashion, accessories, workout outfits, etc.







Just like how we normally shop on Shopee and Lazada, you type the goods you wish tobuy and scroll down for the available designs. Products differ in quality, price, designs, so you should carefully review the feedback of previous customers from the shop, and you should also check Taobao sellers overall shop performance. Or type some keywords then let the algorithm help you out! Google translate is your best friend here, you have to google multiple times for more accurate keywords or you can also login in the desktop version of Taobao so that language can be automatically translated to English so you can easily shop and navigate through the app.

Here are some common keywords to help you out.

Chinese  English
韩风连衣裙     Korean Style Dress    
外套 Sweater, Jacket
T恤 Tshirt
牛仔裤 Denim Pants
吊带裙 Spaghetti Dress
Chinese English
小家电 Small appliances
厨房用品 Kitchen essentials
生活用品 General merchandise
Ins风家居     Instagrammable home decor  

**Tip: Anything with “INS” at the front means “instagrammable” so if you want to let’ssay search for instagrammable lady clothes. Then you can directly search “INS 女装”.Try it out and you’ll be surprised by the beautiful selections!





When you know what the product you want to buy looks like, or you have spent days looking up in Pinterest on the peg of bedroom renovation you want. But you are not quite sure how to describe that specific item? Well, worry no more because in Taobao there's a picture search function where you can directly upload the product that you want to buy and the system would automatically look up the similar looking products, or same vibesas you want to purchase. So convenient isn’t it? I honestly love this function a lot since, most of the time, I am not quite sure how to describe the specific product that I want to purchase.

Go to pinterest and download a specific bedroom style peg you want. Below is the picture I got from pinterest:

Then click the “camera” button on the right


After entering the “camera” button it will then navigate you to the picture below wherein you can either take a photo of the good that you want to buy or browse your gallery and upload the the picture you’ve saved before.



Here’s what I got when I uploaded the photo that I’ve downloaded from Pinterest, and I am happy with the result that I got. Because it’s pretty accurate and close to what I want!

3. Taobao checkout, fill out EZ Sourcing’s Shipping Address

1. Click add to cart.

2. Place Order.

3. Add shipping address.

4. Copy and paste EZ Sourcing Sea via KG shipping details then click “save".

4. Payment Method

Upon checking out you will be presented with 2 payment methods, 1 is the Chinese payment method which is via Alipay. The other payment method is via Philippine card, debit or credit card both works.

Double check your order, once everything is confirmed check out. Don’t forget to write your customer code at the end of EZ’s address.

Enter your card details and pay for your purchase.

Once your payment is successful, you will see it in pending ship out category. And when Taobao seller has shipped out your goods, your goods will be moved to pending receive category and you can track your package real time like Lazada’s and Shopee’s. Happy shopping!

Once goods have been shipped, kindly send us your tracking numbers. Send it to us via Viber, Whatsapp, or Facebook Page. We will send you a message once goods are available for pickup in our Manila warehouse. Transit lead time is 18 to 25 days only.

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